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Mitsubishi VRF Heatpump
Mitsubishi Electric's ground source VRF heat pump system has recieved the acclaim of the industry by being short-listed in four seperate categories of the prestigious Cooling Industry Awards 2006.
The WR2 / WY heat pump systems are the only air conditioning products to be listed on the Government'2 10 per cent Renewable Energy Target List, which many local authorities are now using to review planning applications. Trials at Mitsubishi Electric's Hatfield headquarters have also now proved that the product is over 300 per cent more efficient than a traditional chiller / boiler combination.
WR2 / WY have been short-listed for both the 'Environmental Pioneer - Air Conditioning' and the Green product of the Year' categories of the Cooling Industry Awards.
WR2 is also at the heart of a new, eco-friendly logistics centre, built for Olympus KeyMed in Southend, which has also been short-listed for two categories - ' Green End User of the year - Large Projects' and 'Installation of the Year - Commercial / Industrial.'
"The Government is now getting serious about renewable energy and the market is starting to wake up to this fact, so it is gratifying that our ground breaking products are starting to get the recognition we feel they deserve," commented Philip Ord, Mitsubishi Electric's VRF Product Manager.
"We have spent the last five years refining our ground source heat pump products so that they are the most efficient aailable and this is obviously what has helped impress the judges and got WR2 / WY short-listed in every category it entered."
The inverter-driven product links the air conditioning to a renewable source of pre-heated or cooled water via a borehole, buried slinkey water loops or an open loop aquifer to reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioning and achieve COPs as high as 7.5.
The WR2 / WY units can also transfer heat between the indoor units to further reduce energy consumption, and can use a building's sealed water loop to transfer energy between different refrigerant circuits. As they are water-sourced, the condensing units are sitedinside a building and their extended pipe run of 150m allows for greater design flexibility and no limitation on building size.
"As one of the leading manufacturers in the UK, we realise that to survive in this modern, energy-conscious world, air conditioning must demonstrate its energy efficiency and environmental awareness," explained Philip Ord.
"WR2 / WY is a clear example of how energy effient our units have become and this recognition is reward for a system that we believe is helping to move the concept of air conditioning away from energy consuming, cooling only systems, towards the reality  of modern, fully controllable air conditioning that uses renewable sources of energy to provide comfortable ambient indoor temperatures, in the most environmentally-friendly and energy efficient ways possible."
Further information on the both products and the complete range of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning can be found at
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